Bits to the Wall

by Thunderclash

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Daniel Lair
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Daniel Lair Thunderclash takes the boom of thunder and the clash of metal to create some awesome covers. Album is worth your time and money for the cover of "Great Mighty Poo" Favorite track: Great Mighty Poo.
ulfben thumbnail
ulfben I "sang" this song in my car, driving from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Lost my voice for six days. 10/10, would wail again. Favorite track: Ronja Rövardotter.
Jack Williams
Jack Williams thumbnail
Jack Williams Anyone who covers TMNT music has my respect. Favorite track: Pizza Time!.
modem thumbnail
modem Just pure metal video game music. Favorite track: Pizza Time!.
Arne Sætern
Arne Sætern thumbnail
Arne Sætern I Really love this Metal version of Ronja Røvardotter! its just so epic and awesome, i cant stop singing to this. Favorite track: Ronja Rövardotter.
Adam Nystrom
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Adam Nystrom I have lost count of how many times I have played this. Favorite track: Pizza Time!.
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    By purchasing my album you contribute to many things. A motivational boost of me producing more songs, me being able to get better recording equipment and creating fatter sounds, me being able to buy food and supplies for upcoming zombie apocalypses and me paying my rent are a few. I've spent countless hours putting it together for your entertaining pleasure. If you think this is the most mindblowing shit you've ever heard, feel free to name any price you think it's worth! If you think paying for mp3s is silly, see it more like a donation. This small one time fee means a lot to me. Thanks for your support! :)

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released October 10, 2011

I would like to thank Jonatan Ney and Konrad Peterson on tenor vocals and Jonathan Thorpenberg on lead guitar and their contribution to the Ronja Rövardotter song!




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Thunderclash is all about the cheese. Brie, cheddar, feta, swiss, goat cheese or Swedish herrgårdsost, no matter your personal favorite, Thunderclash has something special just for you!

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